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The Raelian Movement


The Raelian Message

  • Who Created the Elohim?
    If we believed in God, we might ask "Who created God". If we believed in evolution and the "Big Bang" we might ask "where did this matter and energy come from that created the big-bang?".
    For the Elohim, it is the same - they were created by people coming from the sky as were their creators. It's an infinite cycle of life. One day scientists from earth will also go to another planet and populate it.
  • Why do they need an Embassy?
    They are not invaders. They have shown their desire to come but they respect our choice to say no. It is up to us to invite them, and our invitation is the embassy. It's the least we can do.
    Without the neutrality of an embassy, free air space and an official welcome, an unannounced and undesired landing would have enormous political, economic and social repercussions with disastrous consequences world-wide. Nor do they wish to endorse any government, religion or ideology other than that of the Raelian Philosophy, by contacting any other institution first. Thus they will only come when we build their embassy, such is their love and respect for us.
    Following their instructions, Rael established the Raelian Movement, a non-profit international organization to bring together anyone who wishes to help. This is a completely open organization designed not to convince, but to inform, and to allow those who wish to help to join or leave anytime they like. No member of the Raelian Movement ever gets paid any salary, including Rael himself.
  • Why do they not just show themselves to everyone so we have proof to support Rael's claims?
    Take a minute to imagine this scenario...The creators that claim responsibility for our existence suddenly appear on Earth or in its skies for all to witness. Imagine this arrival taking place on an extra-terrestrial "spaceship.”
    How would people react to actually seeing human like figures disembark from "spaceships?” It is likely that they could be mistaken for intruders, resulting in threatening retaliation by the military. A certain level of understanding from both sides would be necessary before this could take place peacefully.
    Rael has stated that the Elohim will not provide any sort of "miracles" to try to convince us of their role in our origin as they did during Christ's time. Even with fantastic events demonstrating the Elohim’s powers, opposition against the teachings of the philosophy led to Christ’s crucifixion. These “miracles” were not viewed as definitive proof.
    It is important to realize that the Elohim do not seek our worship, but rather our love for them and each other. They desire our complete UNDERSTANDING of the truth with the hope that we can learn from them and one day contribute to the immense body of knowledge that exists in the universe, thus elevating consciousness for all.
    This is an extremely special time in history, as we have amassed enough technological knowledge to fully comprehend the mechanism of our existence. Though stated in simple terms, the messages provide all of the basic information needed to grasp the reality of our origins, the state of turmoil our planet is in currently, and what paradigm shift must be taken in order for us to reach our potential as humanity.
    When and if that time arises, the Elohim will indeed visit us as invited guests by a planet full of conscious individual who are ready to greet them.
  • How can Raelians believe in what one man is saying?
    Everything that is said in Rael's books is confirmed and backed up by all the ancient religious writings, legends, traditions, as well as modern science. Evidence for traces of contacts between humanity and beings from another planet can be found throughout history, on all continents. And if you look at all the scientific developments in our society nowadays, all this was announced by Rael 32 years ago already.
    The Raelian philosophy is one of understanding and not believing, that's why Rael himself asks you not to believe him blindly but to do your own research and see if the pieces of the puzzle match for you.

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The Raelian Movement

  • Does Rael receive a salary from the Raelian movement ?
    No, the Raelian Movement is a non-profit organisation which does not pay any salary to anyone, including Rael, not even a secretary. All it's members are voluntary helpers donating some of their free time.
    In order to make sure that money from the Movement is NOT used to pay a salary to Rael, there is a separate organisation named the Raelian Foundation that supports Rael financially. Raelians may make donations to this Foundation if they wish, but it is not mandatory.
  • You accept donations, where does the money go?
    As our society is still based on a money system, the Raelian Movement too depends on donations to fund its activities throughout the world.
    Donations made to the Raelian Movement are used for our two main goals:
    1) to inform mankind about the Messages given to Rael by the Elohim (through flyers, posters, billboard ads, lectures, paying for the hosting of this website etc.)
    2) to build an embassy to officially welcome the Elohim
    No member of the Raelian Movement receives a salary, we all help on an entirely voluntary basis. This also applies to Rael himself who doesn't receive one cent from the Raelian Movement. Anybody who would like to donate money to him personally can do so through the Raelian Foundation which is a totally seperate entity allowing him to devote his life fully to his mission.
  • What makes a Raelian any different from people who believe in GOD?
    First, let’s determine, what is the meaning of God? The Random House Webster's College Dictionary defines the word God as "The creator and ruler of the Universe; Supreme Being". As a Raelian we neither believe in a Supreme Being, nor one who is responsible for creating the Universe and then rules over it. We are therefore atheists. This then brings us to the question of the infinite universe. Since there is no beginning or end to the infinite, to place a God or Supreme Being in the forefront of everything before there was anything is impossible because you cannot create something from nothing. We do however, understand that there are people like us, called the Elohim, who have over 25,000 years of technological advance on us and are responsible for coming to this planet thousands of years ago and creating all life as we know it. The Elohim explained to Rael in 1973 that they to were created by a race of people who were also created by a race of people and the cycle never ends as we are a continuum in a never ending chain. There is no beginning to the universe, neither in space nor in time. As they are our creators we have a great admiration for them but we do not worship them as a Supreme figure. We love them and are preparing for their arrival some time before the year 2035.
    We have come to understand that through science they were able to manipulate DNA and from the inert matter of this planet created all life. We are now beginning to do the same in our own laboratories. When we succeed in creating life and implant it on another world, will we then become a God?
  • Do Raelians consider Raelianism as a religion?
    In the etymological sense, yes we do. It is clear that the word ‘religion’ has been used, misused, and abused so much throughout the Ages that it is no wonder many people nowadays shy away from anything that is labeled ‘religion’ and would not touch it with a 10-foot pole. At the same time, many people have the wrong idea of what ‘religion’ really means and view it as a belief in a deity of some kind. The word ‘religion’ comes from the Latin word ‘religare’ which means ‘to create a link,’ whether it be a link between people, or between the Creators of humanity and their creation, or between humans and the stars, or between the Earth and the Sky, etc… it really does not matter because the most important is to ‘create this link.’
    Moreover, like Buddhism, Raelianism is an atheist religion which is to say Raelians' do not believe in a 'god' because gods do not exist. One only needs to go back to the original Hebrew Bible to realize that it is written ‘Elohim’ (and not ‘God’) which is plural and literally translates to ‘those who came from the sky.’ Having said this, it is important to understand that Raelians still accept the notion that there are Creators who came to the Earth a long time ago in physical form (because they are human beings like us) and scientifically engineered all life forms – a huge contrast when compared to an immaterial, supernatural, and almighty ‘god’ who created everything (including the universe) with a magic wand. Living today, in the Age of science, we can easily see when using honesty and our intellect which of the two makes the most sense. Lastly, it is also very important to understand that while Raelians do not believe in ‘god’, we still recognize all the great Prophets of Old such as Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, Buddha, etc… who were all Messengers sent by our Creators, the Elohim, at different times throughout our history to guide humanity along the path of wisdom. When humanity is ready to welcome them with the love and respect that they deserve, the prophets will return in the company of the Elohim to the embassy we will have built.
  • How has this Philosophy changed or benefited your life?
    This is such an important question and I am very happy to share with you my 21 year journey since the first time I read Rael’s book “Intelligent Design”. I can sum it all up with one word: “HAPPINESS”. I never thought that I could experience a life full of joy and pure happiness. Once I understood that that there was not an “omnipotent God” a being with whom I would never be worthy, but a race of people like me who were responsible for creating all life, my life changed. Each day has been a journey of discovery. Discovering the most important person, ME. All of my life was an accumulation of following rules, of the church, my family, school, and society. I was very good at obeying all of these rules, but I was not fulfilled inside. There was a battle going on and this conflict was destroying the innocence of my life. Now I can honestly say that I no longer live in fear or quilt. My life is my own and I am responsible for every action and decision I make. There is not a God or a devil I can blame things on. Only myself. I now understand that no one can take away my happiness without my permission. I have learned by attending the many seminars taught by Rael worldwide, that I am the captain of the ship and not only the captain but I am the ship and the water beneath. I create my life each and every day. And the most important part is I have learned that by giving love enhances my life and the lives that I encounter. This philosophy has given me the most important treasure, and that treasure is my life. Life is a journey for all of us. How do you want to experience yours? (Donna)
  • Do you have meetings ? Can I attend ?
    Yes, everyone is welcome to attend our informal Raelian gatherings. To find meetings in your area, please choose a national site from the top right drop-down menu.
  • I read in the papers that you organise orgies. Is it true?
    No. The Raelian Movement does not organise orgies or anything of the sort at it's gatherings or seminars.
    Sadly, the media will write/say almost anything to sell their stories. Religious minorities are all too often a target of these kind of false rumours.
  • Where is Eve, the clone baby?
    The Raelian Movement is an organization which is completely independent from Clonaid. Clonaid is the name of a project (not a company), and it is managed by a raelian member named Dr. Brigitte Boisselier. Neither Rael nor the Raelian Movement bring any funds to it, and they have no relationship whatsoever with Clonaid, besides their moral support concerning the cloning technologies. For more details visit
  • Is the Raelian Movement a cult?
    If one defines the word cult as: "a great devotion to a person, idea or thing.", then we certainly are not a cult as we do not worship any individual, nor any supernatural entity and the only fanaticism that we would support is to be fanatic of non-violence. This is the only idea that we would die for although Raelians are encouraged to defend themselves if under attack :-)
    If being in a cult means losing one's freedom, you can read how freedom is encouraged in every teaching of Rael and how Raelians are actually fighting for freedom on every continent they live in. They are at the forefront of most freedom fights because it is a major part of the Raelian philosophy. Rael encourages every member to be as different as possible from the others to make sure that they never try to comply and lose their identity while being in a group.

  • What's with the Swastika?
    The star of David represents infinity in space whereas the swastika represents infinity in time i.e. there being no beginning, no end in time and everything being cyclical.
    Learn the truth about this 'good luck' symbol at

  • What is the Raelian view on Pedophilia?
    Even if we are in favor of sexual freedom between consenting adults, if you are a pedophile you are definitely not welcome in the Raelian movement. Not only because our position is very clear condemning it as a mental disease, but also because, contrary to the politics of the Catholic church which has been hiding pedophile priests (see and moving them from parish to parish so they can make more victims of their disgusting behavior, the Raelian movement has a strict policy of not only expelling immediately any member suspected of pedophilia or sex with people under legal age BUT ALSO to immediately report them to the police.

    Some have been attracted to our philosophy due to defamatory articles in French speaking newspapers and magazines, stating that our philosophy being in favor of sexual freedom would then favor pedophilia. The reality is strictly the opposite. When individuals have a fulfilled sexual life, they don't even think of imposing their sexuality on children, unlike Catholic Priests unfortunately do, due to their lack of sexuality. Some articles even refer to the Raelian order of angels, a congregation of women who want to develop their femininity and who can make the vow, if they wish so, to devote their sexuality only to our Creators and their Prophets. They would then wear a pink feather around their neck to openly show their desire to have no sex. These women decide freely to do so, just as catholic nuns would do; this is part of the free sexuality that we profess, the right to say no to sex as well. In this organization angel minors also have to signal the fact that they are under the legal age for sex, by wearing a black feather around their neck to make sure that no adult Raelian approach them at any time with sex in mind. Some of these minor angels also choose to have no sex at all, thus refusing sex with potential minor partners which most young girls experience during their teens. They would then wear a pink feather as well. Some newspapers have seen the minors' beautiful decision of reserving their sexuality for our Creators as an indication of pedophilia, which is completely ridiculous.

    It is very clear in the Raelian Philosophy that pedophilia is a sign of mental disease and will never be tolerated within the organization. Any member, whatever his rank, who would be found guilty of such a behavior will be expelled and reported to legal authority.
  • How can I join?
    A Raelian is someone who publicly recognizes the Elohim as humanity’s creators. Each year presents four opportunities to do so through participation in a demystified Raelian baptism ceremony. The four designated dates are also official Raelian holidays: the first Sunday of April, August 6, October 7 and December 13. The baptism ceremony takes place at 3 p.m. local time worldwide.

    Active members are Raelians contributing to the organization’s goals and helping to transform this world to prepare for the most important event of history – the return of the Elohim.

    For more information on how to become a Raelian and/or an active member of the Raelian Movement, please contact the Raelian Movement in your country. (see National Websites list in the top-right corner of this page).
  • Who are the Honorary Guides and what does it mean?
    The Raelian Movement counts more than 50 Honorary Guides - men and women who are not Raelian but who, like Raelians, dedicate their life to changing the world by reducing violence, denouncing injustice and government manipulations, eliminating god-related taboos and promoting Human Rights. A complete list of Honorary Guides can be found here.